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Jungle Safari

A thrilling journey in the heart of Jawai’s wilderness with our captivating Jungle Safari experience. The untamed beauty as we bring you closer to the wildlife. Elevate your stay with the unique opportunity to witness the jungle’ safari.

Leopard Safari

Jawai leopards are known for their friendliness. We make certain that you see them, a close look during the safari. We make it possible with a team of highly skilled rangers.

Riva Styas and Trails Viila & Hotel in Jawai

Lavish Tent Suites

Tents stand on a cement base with a slightly elevated surface and a small porch area. They are spacious, air-conditioned, and equipped with a luxury bathroom to provide you with the best possible comfort.

Sunset Point

The waning sun among the hills is a powerful image. The heat is palpable in Jawai, despite the hills, forest, and river. From the sunset point, you can take a million-dollar photo that will last a lifetime.


Trekking in Jawai is a fantastic experience that every thrill seeker should try at least once. The trail is very distinct and amazing for this activity, trekkers can feel the adrenaline pumping as they ascend and descend the rocks.

Jawai Dam

Visit the largest dam in western Rajasthan and take in the beautiful sunset. It also serves as a great vantage point from which to get a 360-degree view of the Jawai and experience its syncretic environment.

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